The Story So Far…

The Neighbourhood Plan process was initiated by the Parish Council in 2014, and in 2015 Perranuthnoe Parish was officially designated as a Neighbourhood Area for development of a Neighbourhood Plan under the Town & Country Planning Act.

There has been an ongoing process of public consultation over the last seven years. This has been core to the formulation of this Plan. It has highlighted the development planning issues of key importance to people in this Parish and has increased understanding of ways to address those issues, in order to plan for positive development which meets the needs of this Parish.


The Timeline

• Mid 2014 – Initial Survey and consultation on whether to designate Perranuthnoe Parish as a ‘neighbourhood area’ and initiate a Neighbourhood Plan; and on key development planning issues and concerns in this Parish.

• July 2015 – Perranuthnoe Parish was officially designated as a Neighbourhood Area under the Town and Country Planning Act, Neighbourhood Planning Regulations.

• Feb 2016 – Neighbourhood Plan open day to provide feedback on survey and further consultation on key development planning issues and concerns in this Parish.

• October 2016 – The Parish Council issued a Neighbourhood Plan Position Statement, which summarised key planning and development issues for this Parish, that communities had identified.

• October 2016 – A Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee was formed to oversee design of the Neighbourhood Plan. It comprises volunteers from Parish communities and the Parish Council. The NDP Steering Committee has led the consultation and research process over the last five years, providing regular updates to the Parish Council.
• April 2017 – Consultation on Congestion and Parking issues in the Parish.

• June 2017 – The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee developed a Consultation and Engagement Strategy.

• August 2017 – Consultation at the Parish Charter Fair on key development planning issues and concerns in this Parish, and opportunities to support development that will bring positive benefits to the Parish.

• 2018 – Specific studies were commissioned including a Local Landscape Character Assessment and a Settlement Boundaries Assessment with the support of Cornwall Council’s Planning Department. Based on these, a Local Green Space Assessment process was also undertaken by the Steering Committee. Local communities provided input to, and feedback on, these studies through consultation events in November 2018, and online through the Parish Council website.

• June – October 2019 In June 2019 the Steering Committee decided to start drafting a Neighbourhood Plan for this Parish. The draft Plan is based on detailed analysis of all of public consultation results over the last 7 years, of county and national planning policies, and Parish data, reports and assessments. Public consultations have repeatedly highlighted similar issues and it became clear what the NDP Objectives and Policies should focus on. The draft Plan has also taken into consideration the planning concerns raised by local people at Parish Council meetings, and those voiced on planning applications, recognising that this is ‘planning in action’.

• October 2019 – The initial draft of the Plan was approved by the Parish Council and submitted to Cornwall Council for strategic environmental assessment (SEA). It was subsequently amended based on the recommendations of official SEA consultees, to ensure that it meets all SEA requirements.

• March 2020 – The draft Neighbourhood Plan was approved by the Parish Council for Regulation 14 Consultation

• June – August 2020 – Pre-submission consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan.

• September – October –  Extension of the pre-submission consultation process to make allowance for Covid restrictions, including house to house publicity, distribution of documents, and holding of a socially distanced open-day event in the Parish Hall.

• December – January 2021 – Review of all feedback received from statutory and community consultees, and associated amendments to the draft Neighbourhood Plan.

• Spring 2021: Finalisation of the Plan and all remaining annexes, and submission to Cornwall Council. Cornwall Council then take the lead, commissioning an independent examination and consultation process. Amendments may need to be made to the Plan, based on the findings of the independent examination. Once the Neighbourhood Plan has passed examination, a Parish level referendum will be held to vote whether to adopt the final Plan.

Download the Plan

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