Give us Your Feedback!

It is really important that you tell us if the Neighbourhood Plan addresses the issues which you feel are important here, if it charts the type of development you want to see, and if it protects the places and resources which you feel are valuable.

The Plan has been drafted based on all the information that people across the Parish have provided over the last seven years, as well as on review of relevant studies, and of all county and national planning policies and regulations.

This has been translated into the local planning policies. Together these policies aim to achieve more considered and positive patterns of development for this Parish.

The Plan aims to ensure that planning decisions are based on an understanding of the Parish and community priorities. However, it is important that you tell us if it achieves this.

Please could you take a few minutes and let us know your thoughts on the Feedback Form which can be downloaded by clicking the image to the Right or from the Downloads page.

The sorts of things we would like to know are:

• Have the Neighbourhood Plan’s policies covered the issues which you feel are important in this Parish?
– If so which are the issues and policies that you feel are most important? If not, what do you feel is missing or incorrect and why?

• Does it chart the type and patterns of development which you wish to see here?
• Does it protect the places and resources which you feel need protecting?

If you feel that there are weaknesses in the Plan, we need to know what they are, so that we can address them.

If the Plan’s policies already cover issues and places that are important to you, please say what they are in your feedback. There may be pressure further down the line to remove or weaken policies, but if local people have given feedback to say that issues and policies are important to them, then it is more likely that those policies will remain in the Plan.

We appreciate that the Neighbourhood Plan isn’t the easiest read; it’s a long document, full of planning terminology. This is because the Plan has to ‘justify’ each policy, against the mass of national and county planning regulations, policies and reports.

To help make the Plan a bit more ‘digestible’ a four-page ‘Plan Summary’ has been prepared, which aims to provide a brief ‘overview’ of the Plan’s Objectives and Policies. It is available from the Downloads page or by clicking the image above.

Please do take a few minutes to provide your feedback, it’s your Neighbourhood Plan and it’s important that it covers the issues which you feel are important. …Let’s forge a stronger Parish together!

Thank you!!!